I'll be graduating in May 2018 with my MFA from Southern Methodist University. I am ineffably grateful for the three years spent alongside my classmates and generous instructors, and I'm so excited to keep working.

Outside of my acting training at SMU, I've also taught the Art of Acting course to undergraduates for two semesters and served as assistant to the Head of Acting for a cumulative year. I also delighted in the unexpected challenge of writing and performing a solo performance piece at SMU, which I constructed as an exchange between feminist existentialist Simone de Beauvoir, myself, and the audience.

"Why acting?"

"An education in acting is an education in empathy." - Blake Hackler, SMU Head of Acting


My training, while ultimately gifting me with freedom and an intimate knowledge of my instrument, has also shown me that there is nothing I could feel, no thought I could have that someone else couldn't or wouldn't or hasn't. This compassion is as crucial for our survival as nutrition or air. In this way, acting has forced me to grow more than anything I have ever challenged myself with. In this wonderful way, I will always have more to do.

Frankenstein, Dallas Theater Center. pc Karen Almond

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